‘Drafting Up Love: A Bed and Breakfast Romance’ available now!

My new novel, Drafting Up Love is now available on Amazon. You can pick it up here.

So, what’s this book about? Here’s a quick blurb:

Shelby has worked her entire life for this.

After spending the last few years clawing her way up from her role as “the new-girl” in housekeeping, she’s finally managed to snag her dream job. Now, she’s the manager at the Shelbourne House Bed and Breakfast.

Between working full-time, raising her son alone, and maintaining some semblance of a social life, Shelby’s proven she can have it all.

Except a relationship.

Enter Drew, the newest summertime guest at the Shelbourne House. He’s a successful architect, a great conversationalist, and an eligible bachelor.

But he’s got a secret that is so big it has the potential to either make all of Shelby’s dreams come true…or totally train-wreck her future.

When Shelby uncovers the truth, will her love life be in shambles? Or will she and the architect draft up a perfect blueprint for love?

If you’d like to know what others are saying, here are a few reviews:

“I love when the family dynamics in a story draw me in and keep my interest. The side characters really enhance a story. Drafting Up Love has the best side characters and family members.”

-J. Archibald

“This is a delightful book with characters that are easy to relate to and love.”


“This was a great book to curl up with and I read it in 2 nights no problem. It’s a fab, cozy little romance with a couple of twists that keep your on your toes.”