Hi, I’m Ethan.

It’s nice to meet you.

My name is Ethan Cobalt. I write contemporary romance novels. My debut novel, “Fit to Print,” is upcoming and will be available on Amazon!

My raison d’etre for writing couldn’t be simpler: every profound book is a relationship between the reader and the writer.

Think about it. When you’re flipping through the pages of a novel that’s really sucked you in, you’re co-creating that universe with whatever author set it to pen. The writer might have started the work, filling pages with ink that describe her ideals.

But unless a reader comes along and allows the vision to come to fruition in his brain, it is all for naught. My highest ideal through writing is to embark on this process of co-creation as deeply and as widely as possible. This is why I value the feedback of my readers so greatly: I view them as an equally important partner in the molding of my written word. This precious feedback from my readers allows my writing process to become a dynamic, living thing.