New romance novel ‘Fit to Print’ is out now!

(Romance novelist Ethan Cobalt debuts with this sweet romance in which a photojournalist and her boss go from butting heads and bickering to falling fast in love.)

Photojournalist Laura Pendleton and Jonathan Brenner, her new boss, couldn’t be less compatible.

He’s the big city, hotshot journalist.
She’s the small town, old soul.

He’s the blazer-clad executive whose ambition will fast-track him to the top.
She sports a messy top bun and knows everyone in her community on a first-name basis.

He’s the world-wise, naturally skeptical shark, always on the hunt for a good scoop.
She’s the whimsical, sentimentalist, always on the hunt for the perfect lavender bath bomb.

But when Laura’s newspaper gets bought out by a big media conglomerate, her choice is to adapt or get canned.

Jonathan’s reputation precedes him.
Laura tells herself the plan is simple:

Clock in, shoot great photos, and don’t let “the man” turn you into something you’re not.
But what happens when “the man” ends up being cute, witty, and quite possibly falling for you?

Full length wholesome and clean romance with banter and suspense. The newschool bossman meets the photographer with her head in the clouds. They’re sure to be the perfect couple, if they can stop butting heads long enough to see it.

Check it out in paperback, eBook, or Kindle Unlimited!

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